Individual therapy

“Each person knows the pain and the delicious in being who they are”. 

The sentence above is from a singer who was born in my state, Gal Costa, and it is meaningful. 

Human beings are connected by feelings. However, each one of us has one´s own pains and pearls. 

For the individual treatments I created a space called Korihé, which means in Patxôhã to look after. This is also the name of my work method, that can be applied in my space or where I can meet you. The beggining of the treatment is personal and follows four steps:

  1. I watch the body language, the speech and coeherence with the attitudes; 
  2. By touching, I check how the body reacts and send the information back; 
  3. By listening, I interprete and understand the story, where the person came from, the origin of the name, what the person is doing at the moment and where the person wants to go; 
  4. Finally, I conclude what are the necessary cares for the body, the mind and the spirit.


I used to be like and abandoned girl, lost in the world. I used to take drugs, to drink a lot and nobody seemed to like me. The therapy with Ubiraci was fundamental for me to get better and change my life. Every day he gives me strength to carry on. He taught me to love myself and the others”.
Tatiane da Silva Ferro, 32 years old

I´ve met Ubiraci at school. It was a very difficult time of my life. I used to self-harm because I couldn´t express what I was feeling. When I watched his lecture it was like if a light was on. And when we approached each other I could learn a lot from him. I´ve learnt that everybody has problems and I needed to face mine, I´ve learnt to pay attention to other people and have empathy, putting myself in other people´s shoes. He was and he still is very important for this new girl I became”.
Geovana Gabriela Siqueira, 13 years old

I have a 13 years old daughter with whom I couldn´t have a good communication. I used to have blocks and I´ve never listened “I love you” from my parents. So I used to do the same with my children and I was pretending it was ok. My daughter used to isolate herself, didn´t talk to me, to my husband and my other daughter, the oldest one and used to be only on her mobile. When she was isolating herself I used to think she wanted to be alone. Until the day I´ve found out she was hurting herself, cutting herself. Then I decided to make family therapy with Ubiraci and I understood my daughter was needing my attention and my help. Now I know she wanted affection and attention. Now we know how to love each other and both me and my daughter got much better after treating with Ubiraci.
Elisângela Bras das Neves, 42 years old

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