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The value of a business depends on it´s organizational awareness, what is basicaly inspired by human values. Affection and love are part of the corporate agenda because success depends on culture and context of the organization of people´s relationship. 

Those feelings can be addressed through lectures, circles of conversation and workshops. The format can be customized according to fundamental principles to be defined.


It works the individual comprehension through three pillars: physical, psycological and spiritual. This is an indigenous therapeutic methodology that uses ancient practices and treats human pains through body scan and the understanding of emotions. The technique was developed by indigenous massage therapy and it helps to unify body and emotions to build a balanced and harmonious work routine, helping to develop a compassionate leader, also intuitive and assertive about his team´s necessities.


Rescuing technique for leaders and team´s self esteem in general, with therapeutic experiences to rescue the human and charity part of each one, as the personal power for physical relaxation, decreasing emotional exhaustion and building a better life quality. Leaders will learn to look after and be looked after, being able to use the technique with their teams.


Methodology which goal is to choose a theme to be discussed where all the participants will have opportunity to talk and be listened. Inside the companies it can work as a way of welcome, integration, internal relationship, reciprocity and respect to the differences. It is also a tool of communication that can improve external engagement with communities impacted by ventures of the company.


Our bodies, in the same way as our words, transmits a lot of messages. Learning to decode it can be fundamental for the success of the sales team, that will learn to understand and interpret signals sent by costumers, even if they don´t say a single word.


Many companies already see sustainability as a competitive differential for the organization based on three aspects: social, environmental and economic. A sustainable company can diminish negative impacts, develop profitable activities with high social value and use natural resources in a rational way. When we are thinking of sustainability we are not only aligning speeches, but we are also stimulating the personal and professional growth of teams.

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