About me

“They cut our logs they cut our branches But they didn´t cut my roots.”

I was born and I live in Coroa Vermelha, an indigenous community founded by my father, Pajé Itambé, in the county of Santa Cruz de Cabrália, located in the south of Bahia state, the place where the fist Brazilian religious mass happened. My tribe is part of the small percentage of 0,47% of the Brazilian indigenous population. Even facing the decrease of the available natural resources, Nature is still my main source of knowledge. Pataxó people had always lived between the earth and the ocean and until the present days cultivate the thirst for knowledge, what daily raises up inside me. My big thirst for knowledge and my desire to put together different origins of knowledge lead me to the university. I am graduated in Nature Sciences and Mathematics. I earned an Indigenous Intercultural Degree by the Baiano Federal Institute of Education, Science and Tecnology and I am also graduated in Integrative Community Therapy, Massage Therapy and I am Technician in Self Esteem Rescue by the Federal University of Ceará. Nowadays I work as researcher in two very special projects: “Collective Health, Southern Episthemologies and Interculturalities”, in the Federal University of the South of Bahia in partnership with the University of Coimbra in Portugal and “Web of the Five Healings: We are all Relatives”, involving all the indigenous people from Brazil, Peru, Mexico and Canada, of the British Columbia University (Vancouver, Canada) and that study focus on the five healings: thoughts, feelings, relationships, ecological cycles and economic exchanges. 

I am the sixth of the eight children my parents had. We are a family full of leaders and we want to spread the message that we can conquer our space with love and reception through the world. From my roots comes the motivation to search for balance and union of the different types of knowledge, wether empirical, scientific, philosophical or theological. 

Biomedice has not yet produced medicines able to heal suffering, sadness, resentment. I believe that love, care and respect are the necessary elements to overcome those pains. I believe that human suffering can be healed and consequently all the pains of civilizations in the world, through understanding and treating body, mind and soul.

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