“Welcome to our tribe” is the translation of the sentence above, written in Pataxôhã, the native language of my ethnicity Pataxó.

Inside this virtual space I want you to feel inside my comunity because I believe in collective, sharing knowledge, ideas, experiences and feelings.

I am Ubiraci Pataxó, a young master of knowledge who works as an educator, speaker, courses instructor, therapist, massage therapist, technician in rescuing self esteem and I am an aprentice of Pajé (Shaman).




Through courses, lectures, workshops and circles of conversation I can contribute for the promotion of well being, bigger corporate integration, focusing in the sustainable growth of the company, showing how inspiration, motivation, purpose and collective values can increase business.


Looking after is a natural practice of the Pataxó people. For us it´s fundamental looking after the body, the mind and the spirit



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“It´s so good to learn a bit more about sustainability straight from the source. Ubiraci Pataxó shared his charisma and shared his ancient wisdom with us.”

Simone Mariote

vice-president of Global Sales – Latin America at the Preferred Hotels and Resorts

“The Integrative Community Therapy has 46 training centers and it is present in 25 countries. It is a great joy to reactivate the Coroa Vermelha Center with Ubiraci, who will be again part of this big web. He is taking this work that is very interesting and necessary. Ubiraci used to be my student, he participated on many formations, using his knowlegde. He could always count on me to look after the collective suffering. The Pataxó people have a very rich culture in the sense of looking after and Ubiraci demonstrates that he learned not only my techniques, but is applying them in line with the Pataxó culture”

Adalberto Barreto

ethno-psychiatrist Doctor, Doctor Honoris Causa by the Federal University of Ceará, creator of the Integrative Community Therapy

“Conheci Ubiraci na terapia comunitária. Naquela ocasião eu era muito agressiva e, por isso, busquei ajuda. Passei por quatro psicólogos e sentia que não estava resolvendo. A partir do momento que passei a ser atendida pelo Ubiraci passei a ser outra pessoa, parei até de pensar em suicídio. O amor que ele transmite é transformador. Faço tratamento individual com ele e continuo a participar das rodas de terapia comunitária, que me fazem muito bem. Inclusive, passei a auxiliá-lo nos encontros e hoje me sinto mais útil.”


24 anos

I am one of the responsable people for the Territorial Health Program-Health Perspective that recognizes and incorporates other knowledges and practices coming from traditional communities and we have a special place for the territorial indigenous health.

Ubiraci has a big knowlegde about his people and culture and this partnership is fundamental for the university, considering what it intends to develop.

Pataxó culture values an integral holistic knowledge, without targeting, without separation of people, things, health, life. It´s a knowledge that helps us to understand how to look after people, health, nature, life in an integral and whole way. Ubiraci´s culture can help us to have a new perspective that we are all relatives and together building a new lifestyle, a new way of good living.

Márcio Florentino

Doctor-professor of the Federal University of the South of Bahia

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